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No matter where you're located in the country, you can send Nationwide Gage Calibration, Inc. your faulty precision measuring instruments and gages for complete repairs. 

Your item will be evaluated by our technicians at our full-service repair facility. You'll then receive a quote by fax or email, and only after your approval will repairs begin.

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Repair Capabilities

• Outside Micrometers
• Torque Wrenches/Drivers
• Inside Micrometers
• Torque Testers
• Calipers
• Force Gages
• Height Gages
• Scales
• Thread Ring Gages
• Indicators
• Spring Testers
• Bore/Tri Micrometers
• Pressure Gages
• Snap Gages
• Pressure Transducers

(630)-529-4959 OR Toll Free 800-883-4243
• Depth Gages
• Vacuum Gages
• Super micrometers
• Bench Micrometers
• Durometers
• Video Inspection Machines
• Surface Analyzers
• Microscopes
• Hardness Testers
• Surface Plates
• Multimeters

​• Optical Comparators

Because of our extensive relationships with major instrument manufacturers, Nationwide Gage Calibration has one of the best independent repair facilities in the United States.

Clients from across the country send instruments and gages to NGC to be repaired. We are faster and less expensive than manufacturer repair departments. NGC has a full-service repair facility servicing all brands and types of instruments and gages. Our Trained repair technicians have many years of experience. We stock all common parts for fast turnaround, and because we work directly with the manufacturer for technical information and parts, repair prices are very reasonable.

• Deadweight Testers
• Micrometers
• Outside Micrometers Special Function
• Micrometer Heads
• Inside Micrometers
• Depth Micrometers
• Slide Calipers
• Dial & Electronic Indicators & Gages
• Special Gaging